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My husband and I have had the pleasure of raising three lovely children who are all now adults.  We homeschooled them all from K-12th grade.  Homeschool was a great tool to disciple and teach them how to love God and others.  We learned so much about ourselves and the Lord as we navigated life with them.  We are so proud of them all. Lauren is a foreign service officer in Asia, Dannielle is a  middle school science and math teacher in a private academy while running an online knitting business, and our son, Ricky, who married his sweetheart, Allison in May 2015, teaches computer programming to students in a private school and has his own photography business.  Honestly, the most important thing to me about each of our children is that they love and serve Jesus.

Purpose filled living includes valuing and serving family and friends as well as clients & fellow workers and gaining pleasure from the special things that we enjoy.  It's life changing to discover the strengths and gifts that are uniquely yours. It truly leads to finding the will of God for your life. Below are several areas in which I have found my purpose and you can find yours too!
Musical Instruction
Purpose Partner

Having a husband who loves me and is a Godly leader who encourages me toward my purpose is a true blessing. His commitment to assist with my business in any way he can is a precious treasure. We enjoy traveling together. Road trips are awesome!  I love watching the scenery as we move toward our destination.  It brings great peace and satisfaction.  One place we love to hang out is the beach, whether in Ocean City, Daytona Beach, or Virginia Beach.  We relax in comfy chairs near the waves with snacks, water, good conversation, and good books for hours and hours.  





Academic Coaching

I love to sing worship music.  It is one of my most favorite things.  I also enjoy playing the piano, sometimes classical music and other times praise music.  Singing to God connects me to Him in a very special way.  Teaching others how to play has also been very rewarding.  I have taught piano to many students and several of them have chosen a musical career as adults. The thought that I was a part of them finding their purpose means a lot to me and actually lines up with my strengths and giftings. 

Coaching and mentoring students and parents is a passion that I have truly enjoyed for the last 13 years.  To see the potential in a student and then prepare strategies for the parent to assist their student in reaching goals is very rewarding.  More and more students are benefiting from the model of small class sizes, individualized plans, emphasis on mastery and developing study skills.  This model also allows students to explore areas of gifts, strengths and abilities through assessments, internships, special programs, summer work study, etc. More ndividualized academic programs for students are the wave of the future.





Faith and Family

About Anita

Community Outreach: Bible Club, Tutoring & Women's Bible Club

Glen & I have ministered to a community in Landover for over 30 years. We were privileged to have a community program that had a volunteer manager and tutors who partnered with us to minister to students by helping them with homework and lessons and rap sessions about Jesus & the kingdom of God.  We also have had the opportunity to host Bible clubs & summer camps for at least 3 years. Our Bible Studies have been a life changing experience for all. Small group discipleship is the model for our ministry and it is very effective at encouraging people to grow up in God.

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